Kitchen units are an integral part of our production. Mainly we are involved in the design and manufacture modern kitchen, where we emphasize that our kitchen units also meet the practical and esthetic requirements of our customers. The trend of combining the kitchen with living rooms, indicating, that the kitchen has become the social center of many homes. For this reason, we devote considerable attention to kitchen units in their design. Our individual approach to each customer provides an original solution of the kitchen according to customer needs and also by the possibilities offered by space for the future kitchen unit. One of our customer services is also drafting kitchen units. Based on our long experience we always advise our customers with kitchen facilities, or guide them in compiling the kitchen units. We are dealing with the production of custom furniture, and therefore each piece of furniture is produced individually. This approach ensures a high quality production. Designs of kitchen units and other furniture in our company are associated with customer visits, measurement and detection of requirements. After this survey will start works on the design of future kitchen units. Production of kitchen units is provided in our own premises. Import and installation of produced kitchen units are in our company standard. We also provide installation of kitchen appliances and their connections.

Living room sets in recent years undergone many changes. From the living room furniture across the sectorial living rooms to the current living room sets. Living room fulfills a social function at home and is also the center of home entertainment. Living room sets in recent years have changed their appearance due to the amount of technology used for home entertainment. Living room arrangement heavily affects the onset of large-scale TV and also the use of home theater and many other technical achievements. It was necessary to adapt living rooms to new trends, where in many cases should be considered also with the placement of electronics, so that the whole living room including technology has been pragmatic and acted also esthetically. Production of living room sets is provided in our own premises. Import and installation of produced living room sets are in our company standard.

Tables - we are dealing with the production of tables of all kinds, from simple conference tables through classic dining tables to complicated folding tables for your living room, office, kitchen or dining room. The portfolio includes folding dining tables with fixed frame and so-called "wing" tables. Thanks to our production technology we can construct table veneered domestic and exotic wood in various surface treatments and gloss levels from deep matt to high gloss. Of course there are also tables in chipboard designs in hundreds of decors and RAL colors.

Bathroom furniture - we produce for you high quality and attractive in design bathroom furniture that adds style, as well as comfort to your bathroom. In production, we focus on practicality, but also to the esthetic excellence of furniture. We place emphasis on high water resistance of our products and guarantee therefore quality of products. Choose your bathroom furniture - vanity units, additional units, bathroom mirrors and other equipment to the bathroom.

Built-in cabinets and custom closets - can perfectly use every free inch of the room and are a normal part of today's households. Niches, curved wall or beveled ceiling is not problem for us in the production. We have great experience with production and installation of built-in cabinets and wardrobes. Custom furniture is produced from high quality and resistant materials. We will advise you with the most appropriate solution for your space and adapt built-in cabinets to your needs.

Other furniture - our company has a quite broad scope. Except the production of custom furniture, kitchen units, living rooms, bedroom furniture, hall, furniture for children's and student's rooms and front hall furniture we realized several receptions, conference halls, branches of pharmacies, and many other interiors.

Office furniture is also one of the parts of our production program. We are dealing with designing and production of custom office furniture. Office is an area in which person spends a substantial part of the day. So this area we also devote particular attention.